ONEDRIVE series by SIPACK at service of production flexibility


Scatolificio Laurini’s history is imbued with passion and more than 50 years in corrugated packaging; today it is under the management of Riccardo Sbaraini, a young and brilliant entrepreneur, from technician to CEO since 2013.“I remember when I started working, as punishment from my mother!” recounts Sbaraini. “I had interrupted my studies and she thought that working for some months in a company and making boxes would make me change ideas about school.” .
The CEO started his career from the bottom, gaining professional experience – at first as a technician, then as production manager, until the day he became aware that he could manage the company, together with a winning team of colleagues. Today, the company is a reference point in the Northern Italy for many customers that require complex packaging for specific types of products.
An investment to support the thriving local company
In 2021, the company felt the need to make a step forward, increasing productivity and quality with the purchase of a new Sipack’s machine: a printer slotter ONEDRIVE 1272×3100. 
From a recent study carried out by Brescia’s Confindustria, related to the first quarter of 2021, the territory has grown of more 4.8% compared to the previous quarter.
“Understanding the trend of the local market and interpreting the changes of the last year have been essential to guide important business choices and looking ahead; finally learning that my customers are experiencing a period of growth, it gives me confidence for the future,” continues Sbaraini.
This growth has encouraged Sbaraini in the choice of a machine with high quality and quantitative standards, which was simple in use and automatic, using the latest technology.
“It is clear that the market requires more flexibility than just few years ago,” adds Sbaraini. “The word ‘flexibility’ has become a ‘mantra’ of industry insiders: for last-minute orders, the procurement of raw materials and for production management. In addition to this scenario, also the request of all types of packaging,with different quantities, from few pieces to large lots. 
Thinking about all these variables, the choice was quite simple. I needed a flexible, fast and automatic machine that would saved us on production time, maintenance and consumption.” adds Riccardo Sbaraini
Sipack’s ONEDRIVE printer slotter in detail
Sipack, an Italian company with 25 years of corrugated converting machinery experience, responds to the requests of companies such as Scatolificio Laurini, who need high performance, flexible machinery that guarantees excellent quality of the finished product. The Printer Slotter ONE DRIVE has been developed for these kind of needs. It is flexible in formats, fast in product changeover times, but above all, it allows users to reduce costs, especially as it is considered a low power consumption machine. Thanks to the lead edge feeder, the first production process is guaranteed, even with low quality and warped sheets; the top printing units are easy to handle and guarantee good flexo printing quality. 
A motor on each unit combines the precision of direct-drive technology with its application simplicity, and the machine’s maintenance is significantly reduced; less maintenance parts, being life sealed and lubricated components, and there are no oil leaks. 
The slotter, with four pairs of shafts, is equipped with an intelligent system for cutting heads moving. It shifts the knives smoothly, in order to manage the different formats and ensure high performance.
The further advantage of SIPACK’s technology is visible: after years of production, the machines looks new as the first day of production due to less wear of mechanical parts. The machinery remains intact and durable in time and if combined to a special scheduled service packages, the longevity of the machine is even doubled.
“We’ll have years of intense work, but I am aware that thanks to this new machine, I will improve production and it will make easier life for my operators in order to meet customers’ demands,” concludes Sbaraini.